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Sarah Broom Poetry Prize in 2020

Sarah Broom Poetry Prize in 2020

Since last year’s Award the Trustees have decided to take some time to consider the future of the Award, and in particular how we can find ways to lift the value and impact of the Prize to NZ writers and readers.

Since it was first established in 2013 we have been delighted with our success in attracting a wide range of entries each year, the support and attention entries have garnered from international judges, and the value the Prize has offered to some extremely notable winners, both in professional recognition and the prize money itself.

We have made a decision to take a year out to explore a future direction for the Trust and the Prize itself, and so we will not be calling for entries this year.

We recognise the important role the Sarah Broom Poetry Prize plays in New Zealand’s literary landscape and can assure you that our commitment is to making its contribution even greater in the future.

We look forward to keeping you up to date over the coming months with our plans and progress.

Queries should be emailed to: enquiries@sarahbroom.co.nz